live clams


manila clams

Product of Canada, Vancouver Island, Farmed Live Shellfish

Species : Tapes Philippinarum, Manila Clam

Clams are dug from certified beaches by hand at low tide, hand sorted and washed. Packed in sturdy lined wetlock box in 25 lbs or 50 lbs case. Regular medium size 20 to 25 pieces per lb. Various size grades available - small, medium and large.



Latin name: Nuttallia Oscurata

The Savory Clam is a wild clam that is by-catch of the manila clam digs. We do not use boats, we wait for the tide to go out and the diggers head out by foot on the sand to dig them out with shovel and rake and put them in buckets that then dumped in larger nets and weighed. These nets will either be left on the beach and stored in the ocean as is, then pulled up by winch onto a skiff when the tide comes up, or they are brought into the plant by pickup truck where they are washed, graded and packed. Everything is done by hand.

Meat colour: pale, mild sweet taste

Shelf life: 7-10 days

Size: 1.25-2", 40-50 count per lb, excellent meat to shell ratio

Packed: loose in 25 lbs box