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Mac's Oysters Ltd. Established in 1947.

In British Columbia, modern day shellfish farming, known as aquaculture, was pioneered by our company's founder Joseph McLellan. Having settled in Fanny Bay on the shores of Baynes Sound, Vancouver Island in the early 20th century, he noticed how productive the waters were in this shallow, beautiful Sound. Always a lover of oysters, which were eaten in abundance in his native Scotland, Joe saw the potential of this shellfish not only as a tasty healthy dish, but as the basis for a farming business.

He recognized the similarities in the marine environment with that of the oyster growing in areas of Japan and imported 300 lbs of oyster seed from that country after WWII. The species of oysters he hoped to cultivate was meatier, faster growing and tastier than the indigenous Olympia oyster. This species with the latin name Crassostreas Gigas is typically known as the Pacific or Japanese Oyster.

Having seeded the beach area around our plant in Baynes Sound - Fanny Bay, Mud Bay, Ship Point, Buckley Bay and Denman Island - with this imported oyster seed, Joseph McLellan started what is now a primary industry in our region.

Fanny Bay is synonymous with oysters. Interestingly enough manila clam seed was inadvertantly included in this first shipment from Japan. Today the harvest of this succulent clam (latin name tapes philipinarum) is as important as oysters to British Columbia's shellfish economy.

Owned and operated to this day by Joe's children, grand children and great children, Mac's has a long history of oyster and clam farming knowledge to draw on.

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